Wu Ching Ju’s appreciation for our natural world can clearly be seen, in both her paintings and bronzes.

Wu’s artwork, an homage to nature, family and self, flows from her Taiwanese aboriginal and oriental heritage, drawing from their legends, history and religion. Her experiences, through travel and time spent far from home, have both reinforced her roots and added an additional layer to their interpretation. Wu’s artistic style pulls on the traditions of both the East and West, a combination she has elegantly made her own. 

The simple lines that appear in her Chinese paintings manifest themselves in the delicate form of her bronze sculptures. The sculptures themselves are inspired by the figurative forms of Western tradition, but sensitively abstracted to match her vision of oriental themes and natural beauty.

Taking inspiration from Zen philosophy, Wu Ching Ju creates art to capture the pursuit of enlightenment and the search for the true self, free from modern life’s distractions.            

‘Emotions play an important part in my work. Serenity, modesty, sadness, tranquillity, and joy feature prominently.’ 

‘I become entirely engrossed in my subject. I shut out the outside world which, in oriental philosophy, is extremely important. Only when you can completely concentrate are you at peace with yourself.’

It’s the quieting of self that opens the eye of the creative. It’s the return to the soul that allows us to hear what is all around. This is the beauty of Wu Ching Ju’s art.